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Wow - well that was a little bit more difficult than I envisaged - and January seems to have developed into a "birds in the back garden" affair.  A promising start to the month gave us some clear, bright days - lovely winter light when the sun came up in the morning and as it set in the afternoon. As the month progressed the light disappeared and was replaced by some dull and grey skies.

Its been an interesting month though - from complaining that there was "nothing colourful or interesting" in our garden to watching Blue and Great Tits on the feeders - and the moment of the month watching a Sparrowhawk demolishing a Starling.

There have been some pretty impressive stormscapes in Wick Harbour and some amazing Barrel waves at Thurso East - which have been captured with varying degrees of success.  

I have resorted to a couple of indoor shots - I say resorted because that is definitely not my forte and is well out of my comfort zone - (so task in the next few months is to become a little more in love with that idea)

On a forward note - there are green shoots on our bushes, I have seen some snowdrops pushing their way through and the daylight is getting longer.  Bring on February ................

Project 365 can be viewed at  http://www.mbrogerphotography.com/p609787484



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